Travels: Bali Pt.1

In early 2013, I made a decision that I have never regret: I booked a flight to Bali in March. Although it was the end of  wet season and many people told me not to go there at this time of the year, I took a friend and we flew to Indonesia. And yes, although it did rain from time to time, we had blue sky, cristal clear water and access to the places we wanted to see most of the time.
In the first few days, we explored the inner island. After visiting the South, we went to Ubud – what an amazing little town! We strolled through rice fields, I had the most amazing outdoor massage while hearing the birds tweeting, we visited a Balinese cooking class and we had a tour to the magnificient sights around Ubud.


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Travels: Plannings

Without a doubt, traveling is a major pillar in my life. Having seen some awesome and diverse countries already, I simply can’t stop ticking off more and more cultures and regions in the world from my must see list. Here’s a glimpse on my current small and big plans for my next holiday destinations.

South Africa
Cape Town

Doing a yoga camp in Cape Town: That’s my  wish for next year. The city seems to feature so many great activities I dreamt of in the past, I will definitely go there and enjoy the laid back atmosphere, diverse cultures and great vineyards. And not to speak of the rough ocean! When both the Indian and the Atlantic ocean meet and waves are as high as houses. I love it.

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Travels: A trip to Burano

When I visited Venice a couple of weeks earlier, I was planning my trip mostly with the help of fellow travel bloggers and their inspiring reports. While searching the web, I stumbled upon a wonderful post on Travelettes about Burano. It’s one of those tiny Venetian Islands that can only be reached via boat. Although I was quite exhausted after a hot morning running around in Venice, I still made it to Burano. And what shall I say? I was completely fascinated by the colourful houses, the relaxed atmosphere and the intimate cafés. If you’ll ever visit Venice: Make sure to plan a half-day trip to Burano and check out the small shops, little alleys and quiet piazzas.

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