Beauty: Mascaras

Today’s beauty post is all about the most important tool in the bath room: mascara. Ever since I realized how much of a difference it makes to my blonde lashes when I apply some mascara, I never stopped using it. Although I do leave the apartment without any make up at all when I run some errands or go to the gym, most of the time I use at least some mascara. Such a tiny bit of colour can change the whole impression of a face – and without mascara, no one would expect my lashes to be so long that they touch my glasses… And since I have a profound knowledge of the global mascara business ( 🙂 ), here are my favorite picks at the moment. They do tend to change from time to time but these ones are my all time favorites in each price range. Of course they all have the same purpose: fill my lashes with lots of black colour and add volume.

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara (10-12 EUR)

Masterpiece MAX

Currently my most used product. The texture is neither too dry nor it is too much liquid: It adds a lot of black colour to my lashes and dries quite quickly. It lasts 3-4 months when used daily – and I definitely add more than one coat (maybe 3. or 4). My favorite pick in terms of price and quality.






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