Sunday Inspiration: My favorite bags

How to unite my favorite designers? Easy: I just list all the bags I could die for and you will get a pretty good overview on which styles I love. It is a combination between some classy pieces like Givenchy and some more modern and girly highlights with Miu Miu and Stella McCartney. Up until now, I haven’t purchased any of these timeless yet absolutely adorable bags, but let me tell you: The time will come when one of those beauties from Net a Porter will become part of my everyday outfits.
When choosing for a bag, I am browsing the web and an unlimited number of shops looking for the perfect piece. It has to be big enough to carry my laptop or at least my purse and accessories etc and it needs to have a shoulder strap just in case the bag gets too heavy. And of course: I am very picky when it comes to styles. There are just too many bags out there that are okay, but that do not convince me 100 per cent. There are either too many or too few pockets, I don’t like the material/colour or I simply cannot combine it with my clothes. So the ones I chose for this week’s inspiration would of course match all criteria. So, Santa: Which one do you want to give to me? 😉

Sunday inspirations


Travels: Bali Pt.1

In early 2013, I made a decision that I have never regret: I booked a flight to Bali in March. Although it was the end of  wet season and many people told me not to go there at this time of the year, I took a friend and we flew to Indonesia. And yes, although it did rain from time to time, we had blue sky, cristal clear water and access to the places we wanted to see most of the time.
In the first few days, we explored the inner island. After visiting the South, we went to Ubud – what an amazing little town! We strolled through rice fields, I had the most amazing outdoor massage while hearing the birds tweeting, we visited a Balinese cooking class and we had a tour to the magnificient sights around Ubud.


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My first time at Wiesn

Since I moved to Munich recently, there was no more excuse for me not to visit the famous Octoberfest. I have never been a big fan of the event, all I knew about it where drunk people everywhere, people from other countries trying to pretend they are Bavarians and wear leather pants and Dirndl and of course exorbitant high prices for drinks and food. There was absolutely no reason for me to visit Munich just because Wiesn is on.

However, everything changed this year. Although is still have no Dirndl, I have been to the famous Theresienwiese more than once. The best part about it? The sunsets and the golden light that covers the whole area. Rollercoasters sparkle in full colour, people are enjoying the last rays of light and the beer tastes even better when the sun is gone…


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