Travels: Plannings

Without a doubt, traveling is a major pillar in my life. Having seen some awesome and diverse countries already, I simply can’t stop ticking off more and more cultures and regions in the world from my must see list. Here’s a glimpse on my current small and big plans for my next holiday destinations.

South Africa
Cape Town

Doing a yoga camp in Cape Town: That’s my  wish for next year. The city seems to feature so many great activities I dreamt of in the past, I will definitely go there and enjoy the laid back atmosphere, diverse cultures and great vineyards. And not to speak of the rough ocean! When both the Indian and the Atlantic ocean meet and waves are as high as houses. I love it.

Annapurna Trek

Endless nature, cold mountains and friendly citizens. Nepal seems to me as the perfect alternative for busy city life. My dream: To do a trek through Annapurna area. By now, all I have experienced are one-day treks (through some of the most beautiful areas in New Zealand or Scotland) and I am really keen on doing some proper ones in the countries with the highest peaks of the world.

California and Hawaii
San Francisco

Take the car and drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. So easy and yet so full of different natures, the sea and the desert, national parks and gambling in Las Vegas. This trip is not so off the trodden path, still I expect it to be simply wonderful and full of freedom, sun and happiness. And after two weeks of exploring California, I want to leave to Hawaii and enjoy some time at the beach and follow the steps of Jack Johnson.


Alright, this is something that can be done quickly: Buy a train ticket and some hours later, I can visit gorgeous cafés, old museums and good friends. I haven’t been in Vienna for some years now and feel like I really want to see it again in the next couple of months. Let’s hope I can still make it next year and visit the Christmas market.


Another easy one: I’ve heard so many fascinating stories about Istanbul, I am planning a long weekend getaway to explore the city on my own. Stroll over the markets, visit a hamam and experience the setting of the mosques. Should be a great experience. And don’t forget the food! I expect loads of appetizing vegetables, adorable sweets and tasty meat.

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