Sunday Inspiration: For the living room

As I will be moving in another beautiful apartment next week, I am searching the web for some inspiration for the living room. I have a great couch in grey and a self-made coffee table with steel elements ā€“ now I need a classy shelf for my books. And of course some other details such as another lamp and some new cushions. While I love strong colours like pink and pale blue, I still don’t know which concept the room should have. At the moment my living room has hues of blue ā€“ which I love. It’s not too strong and makes me feel really relaxed and tranquil. Should I stick to it or try something new…? Anyways, the larger components of the room should be as plain as possible, and yet not too ordinary.


I love the white floor lamp that would fit perfectly with my coffee table and I am obsessed with the rug. The plaid is just the most coziest choice for winter. Fingers crossed that I will hunt down one of these beauties in the next couple of months.

PS: When looking at my inspiration, it seems I just can’t get enough of the great combination blue and white…

  • Rustic wool rug via habitat
  • Love the classy shelf in white and light wood via avandeo
  • Beautiful plaid via zalando
  • Cute stool for my flowers via Zara
  • Blue and yellow cushion via zalando
  • Timeless and classy floor lamp via avandeo

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